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Health & Safety

Please note that the following health and safety protocols are set by Norwegian Cruise Lines. These policies are updated frequently and may change again before our February 2024 sailing. Full and up to date info on those policies can be read on NCL’s website.

Current policies no longer require Covid 19 vaccination or proof of testing. NCL reserves the right to change these policies at any time and all guests are expected to follow these policies as written at the time of sailing. All guests will be notified of any changes to NCL’s health and safety policies.

Please check back frequently for updates.


NCL has the right to deny boarding to any guests who tests positive for COVID on site, as well as any other health or safety reason. There are no refunds for denial of boarding for any reason. Refund policies for charter cruises may differ from NCL’s normal policies.


Current NCL policies do not include masking and distancing but may change prior to sailing if conditions require it.


Guests who have symptoms of COVID-19 while onboard should immediately contact the onboard medical center for further instruction. Onboard medical consultations and treatments are provided at a charge for all respiratory illnesses. Medical centers will be equipped to test for COVID-19 onboard and if a positive case is identified, contact tracing for that individual will begin immediately and occur at the same time as treatment.

We have also enhanced our onboard medical capabilities with additional staffing and enhanced facilities. This includes an increase in intensive care unit capacity, new and upgraded equipment, onshore medical institution partnerships, telemedicine capabilities and additional robust consultation and treatment options. Onboard medical centers are also abundantly stocked with common prescription medications, remedies, and virus-testing equipment as available.

If guests traveled by air to join their cruise and test positive at embarkation and are not able to cruise — or test positive during the cruise — they and their close contacts may be required to quarantine before traveling home.