How To Book - Maxwell Cruise

Steps To Booking Your Reservation

Here are all the steps to booking a cabin on
All guests must create an account here.

 Pick Your Occupancy

Pick your occupancy, or number of guests, in your suite. If you are booking the share program choose “1 Guests”.

 Select Your Suite Category

Only categories with availability in that occupancy will be shown. Once you pick you will be given 15 minutes to complete your reservation.

Review & Check Out

Review your information and check out

Guest Info & Comments

It is VERY IMPORTANT you enter the first name, last name and email address of your cabin mate AS IT IS WRITTEN on their account. This is how we match your cabin mates with their cruise accounts. This info must match their account. Make sure of any apostrophes as they must be written the same. For example if their account says O’Brien, you must write O’Brien. Writing Obrien will not pull in their info. On this same page, choose how you heard about the event. You can also fill in any notes if you have any and choose a bedding preference. Bedding preferences are NOT GUARANTEED. This is a good spot for any special request you may have. We can not guarantee that we can accommodate every request but we do our best.

Splitting Payments

Choose if you want to pay for everything or split your payments amongst all guests.

Pay For Everything
If you choose to pay for everything, you’ll be guided to the deposit step.

Splitting Payments
If you choose to split payments, it will split evenly over all guests.

Paying Deposit

Choose either to pay just the deposit (which is all thats required right now) or the full amount owed.

Guest Information

Confirm your guest details.
This information is pulled from your account.
If correct click continue.

You will be asked to confirm your guests on the following pages.

Confirming Your Guests Information
As long as you wrote their FIRST NAME, LAST NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS, this information will be pulled from their account.
If they do not have an account, or you did not enter their info correctly, you will need to fill out this info.

Agree to Terms & Conditions

You must click “I Have Read…” to continue. These terms are available at the on our “Terms and Conditions” page. 

 Process Your Payment

Again as long as you entered their first name, last name and email as it is on their account. Their Credit Card info will securely populate so you can process their payments. There is space for the 3 digit security code, but it is not required to process the payment.

If you have multiple cards on file, there is a drop down menu to choose which card you want to use.

You can not pay less than what you owe.
Please make sure your card can pay for the balance.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.
Pre paid cards are not advised, as the billing address must match in order for the card to process.

If any card declines your reservation will be in a state of revised, meaning it is not complete. All deposits must be paid within that time period or the whole reservation will be canceled.