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Grand Caymen

The largest of the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman is famous for its Seven Mile Beach, the popular Stingray City and its excellent diving. Both nature and history are preserved underwater with a collection of easily viewed shipwrecks.

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Ride a bicycle around the beautiful West Bay district, stopping along the way at attractions that best characterize Grand Cayman. You will begin at Morgan’s Harbor and before long pedal down country lanes and through lovely residential neighborhoods. The winding route will become a bit more rugged as you approach Boatswain’s Bay, where phosphate mining once flourished. Other points of interest include the Cobalt Coast, which was named for the sea’s brilliant blue color, and Hell, an infernal-looking expanse of jagged black limestone that lies inland. You will also stop to sample a selection of cakes infused with locally distilled rum before traveling on to Seven Mile Beach, a crescent-shaped stretch of sand on the island’s west coast. You might lie back in a lounge chair and bask in the sun, stroll along the lengthy shoreline and take a refreshing swim in the sea. You could also dine on your own.


Enjoy the surrounding natural beauty and irrepressible charm of George Town through signature attractions that present an overall picture of the capital of the Cayman Islands. A cultural dance performance will set the stage for your exploration, which will include an enlightening tour of a rum distillery and a tasting of the spirit. Still, it is the island’s tropical scenery that may leave the most lasting impression. While pausing for photos at Camana Bay, you will see how this New Urbanist town naturally complements its seaside setting. A bit inland, you will visit Hell, a sinister-looking patch of jagged black limestone that lives up to its name. There is even post office if you wish to send a card from Hell. In contrast, Seven Mile Beach will seem paradisiacal. You will be free to relax however you wish on this long crescent of white sand that rims the beautiful turquoise sea.

During your sail, you’ll receive your snorkel gear and instructions from the knowledgeable crew, who will accompany you into the water to ensure your safety and enjoyment. Guests will receive complimentary fruit punch & water after snorkeling. Onboard beverages purchases from our bar can be made with a major credit card. No cash purchases.
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Walk through a series of inland caves formed eons ago and admire the island’s natural beauty while driving along the coast. Pirates once used the Crystal Caves as hideouts and legend has it that treasures are still buried in their depths. While following a winding trail through the ancient caverns, you will see eerily illuminated stalactites and stalagmites, a glass-smooth underground lake and a cave whose ceiling collapsed ages ago. The guide will describe how the caves were formed and the wonders that lie within them. Back on the surface, you will settle in for a panoramic coastal drive, during which you will pause for photos at the Wreck of the Ten Sail memorial. It commemorates the convoy 10 British ships that wrecked on the reefs just offshore in 1794 in a massive maritime disaster. You will also stop to witness the coastal blowholes that spew ocean water as high as 20 feet into the air..
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The Dolphin Encounter is a unique opportunity to meet these incredible mammals up close and personal in waist-deep water. Experience first-hand the connection of a lifetime, while our marine mammal specialist guides you through all the fun and excitement. While enjoying the encounter, you will also gain important knowledge about conservation and education about bottlenose dolphins. Following a brief educational session into the world of our dolphins, you will also gain important knowledge on the conservation of our amazing dolphins and be given demonstration on proper hand placements for each behavior to better prepare our guests for a great experience. Our Dolphin Encounter program is specially designed for visitors of all ages looking for an in-water experience with a dolphin. In this program, guests will be able to experience multiple behaviors, including an unforgettable hug, the infamous hand target and a heartfelt handshake with our playful friend. Guests will be standing on a submerged platform for the entirety of the program.