Ocho Rios, Jamaica - Maxwell Cruise

Ocho Rios, Jamiaca

The golden beaches, swaying palm trees and fragrant air are just a prelude to what surrounds this beautiful city. Within the nearby jungle-covered mountains are the magnificent Dunn’s River Falls, the foliage of Fern Gully and the untouched beauty of the White River.

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Spend hours relaxing however you please on the beach at Discovery Bay, a beautiful stretch of sand with plenty of amenities, including a floating water park.

After departing from the pier, you will enjoy a scenic drive along Jamaica’s lovely northern coast to Discovery Bay. When Christopher Columbus landed here in 1494, he called the town Puerto Seco or Dry Harbor because the natural harbor lacked fresh water nearby.

Although the area’s colonial-style architecture is a draw, Discovery Bay is known more for beautiful Puerto Seco Beach, which is rimmed by the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. You will spend hours here enjoying the setting, as well as all sorts of other amenities.

You might stretch out on the sand, take an invigorating dip in the sea or in the freshwater swimming pool and stroll the horseshoe-shaped shoreline. Stands of palm trees line the beach, so there is also plenty of shade if you wish to get out of the sun.

If you are looking for activities, a floating water park is just offshore with slides, trampolines and a rock-climbing feature. You could also rent snorkeling equipment and see the tropical wonders that lie beneath the water’s surface.

When you are ready to dine, a hearty lunch will be served in the Santa Maria Restaurant. It is named for one of Columbus’ ships, and the park along one side of the bay is also named for the explorer, who is revered here.

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After departing from the pier, you will enjoy a winding and immensely picturesque drive through the lush countryside of northern Jamaica. Upon arriving to Chukka Adrenaline Outpost you will begin your tubing adventure down the White River. Expect the water to be mostly shallow and refreshing, and the riverbanks to be framed by dense tropical foliage.

Little more is required of you than sitting back in the tube and letting the current carry you along the clear, mountain-fed river. Around every curve, a new picture of paradise unfolds as your tube carries you downriver.

You will pass through the White River Gorge, over limestone riverbeds and past a former coconut plantation. Other times, you will find yourself gliding through stands of soaring bamboo that arch over the meandering river. The journey couldn’t be more peaceful or relaxing.

After tubing down the river, you will stop to enjoy lunch before driving to the Blue Hole, which lies in the jungle near the parishes of St. Ann and St. Mary. The water here lives up to its name, as it’s stunningly blue, calm, and fed by cascades known as the Secret Falls. Feel free to jump in the cool water, take a leisurely swim or simply sit on a shaded rock and enjoy the serenity. Following your time in this beautiful setting, you will return to the pier.
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A warm Jamaican welcome awaits you from your hostess who will greet you under the great mahogany tree, planted by Sir Winston Churchill in 1953. Be escorted on a scenic walk through a beautiful ornamental garden where you’ll see a wide variety of herbs and tropical plants such as Cat Whiskers, Plumbago and the Canon. Pick an herb or two! At the end of the garden path, experience an awesome panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea! Then it's off to the verandah of the historical and majestic Great House that was once a Fort, where your senses will be tantalized by the different herbs and spices that you’ll be using.

Each person will have their own workstation with a clear view of the Chef “Irie” as he instructs and guides you in the preparation of the special blend Jerk Sauce, Jamaican festival (knead your own dough) and preparation of the callaloo for steaming. After learning how to prepare these delightful meals, you’ll enjoy your authentic Jamaican lunch, consisting of your own Jerked Chicken. Your meal is served with Fruit Punch.

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Venture out on the high-spirited 51-foot trimaran 'Cool Runnings 1' or the 74-foot catamaran 'Cool Runnings'. You’re destined for an experience from which you’ll return with memories of riding the ocean waves to the rhythms of reggae and soca music while sipping island punches. The sail is along the beautiful coastline of Ocho Rios to Jamaica’s premier attraction, Dunn’s River Falls. Upon arrival, you’ll be led up the falls by an attraction guide, or you may choose to relax on the beach or at the base of the cool waterfall. On the return sail, it’s party time with the friendly crew and your choice of island punches and sodas.


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Wave Runner Tour

Take a 45-minute guided adventure through the Berry Islands, neighboring Great Stirrup Cay. After a safety briefing and orientation, you’ll board your Wave Runner for an informative and exciting guided tour. Some of the sights you may see include the Lighthouse at Great Stirrup Cay, Slaughter Harbor and the abandoned island community of Cistern Cay.
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Island Zipline Adventure

The Island Zipline Adventure course is a combination of the Osprey Zipline plus the Seahawk Zip to give you six high-flying zips plus a series of V-net bridges, chimney climbs and cargo nets, designed to challenge but not overwhelm your physical and mental strength. This zipline course is great for individuals, families or just a bunch of friends who want to get together to experience some adventurous fun.
Swimming Pig

Swim with the Pigs

This 1.5-hour adventure brings you up-close with swimming pigs as you watch them swim at a private island. Breathe in the salty air as you ride in a boat across electric-blue waters surrounded by wide-open ocean scenery. Travel to a private isle nestled among the northern Berry Islands. Here along the white-sand shoreline you'll meet a friendly group of pigs that call the island's tropical setting their home. You'll learn all about these animals and then have the chance to step into the waters of a shallow beach and be involved in a controlled and professionally supervised environment. Photographer will be on site and photos will be available for purchase! Get your photo taken with the swimming pigs and then head to the observation deck for sweeping views of the ocean.