SHARON MARLEY – Maxwell Cruise


In the rich tapestry of Sharon Marley’s life, threads of love, spirituality, and cultural brilliance intricately weave together, forming a symphony that transcends the confines of time and space.

“The rhythmic beats of reggae legends resonated through Sharon’s early collaborations with her mother, Rita Marley, Lauryn Hill and other esteemed artistes of her time. For over two decades, she crisscrossed the globe with Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, earning three Grammy Awards and an NAACP Award, etching her name into the very soul of music.”

Beyond the spotlight, Sharon’s journey unfolds as a testament to the power of family values. A mother and a muse, she nurtures not just her children but the legacy of the Marley family—a living testament to the unity and strength that music and kinship bring.

Sharon’s commitment to education and advocacy shines through her roles at the Bob Marley Museum, the Rita Marley Foundation and as A&R for then newly formed Ghetto Youth United record label. The Marley family’s global impact was celebrated with the 2023 Reggae Icon Award from the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association JaRIA.

As the anticipation builds for her 2024 return, Sharon weaves a new musical tapestry intentionally recorded in the resonant frequency of 432 Hz, recognized as the “Love Frequency” for its proven healing properties, promoting a profound sense of peace, harmony, and overall well-being.

Sharon Marley’s upcoming album is not just a musical journey but a spiritual odyssey—an immersive experience delving into the rich tapestry of her cultural roots.

Each note carries the essence of her Jamaican heritage reggae, mixed with the global influences of jazz, rhythm and blues, making it a celebration of love, spirituality, and cultural mastery.

In recent singles like “Just One More Morning” and “Butterflies in the Sky,” Sharon invites us into a realm where love, spirituality, and cultural pride dance hand in hand.

Sharon Marley’s latest single, “Steppah”, pays homage to the classic dance floor days of rocksteady and rub-a-dub. Sharon’s smooth, sultry voice invites us into a narrative that unfolds with the entrance of the quintessential Steppah—the original Jamaican ‘rude bwoy’ Big Youth, exuding street-schooled elegance, charming and untouchable, adorned in signature fashion defining his character.

In this rhythmic manifesto, Sharon’s vocals seamlessly blend with Big Youth’s legendary presence, honoring reggae’s cultural heritage while ushering it into new

dimensions. “Steppah” beckons listeners into the dance of life—a celebration of love and resilience, through the timeless spirit of unity and music. Complemented by Sharon’s distinctive 70’s fashion throw-back, “Steppah” takes you back to the days of lover’s rock at a house party. As an artist, her bold eclectic style mirrors the vibrancy of

reggae culture, weaving seamlessly into the visual and musical tapestry, resonating with the global influences of Jamaican fashion.

Sharon Marley’s universe is a celebration of love, spirituality, and the magnetic pull of music.